Managed Services and Remote Administration

Several years ago, we invested in leading edge software for IT Managed Services. This has proved to be a fantastic tool to help maintain our clients’ networks. For participating clients, we’re able to respond quickly to minor incidents without needing to make a site visit or struggle blindly on a phone support call. We simply remote in to the user’s PC or server and troubleshoot issues. The user can view our efforts as we resolve the problem, or they can go off and get a coffee. This saves valuable time commuting to site and minimize site visit charges. The client gets their issue resolved quickly without having to wait to schedule a site visit. Everyone’s happy.But the system can do much more. We can deploy network wide software updates without going around to each PC. Comprehensive scripting enables automation of almost any software package deployment or update. Remote Administration & Monitoring: Managed IT Services.
But there’s more! We can use the Patch Management function to automatically deploy all the latest patches and updates to workstations and servers, controlling the reboot process; avoiding the need for workstation users to have administrative access. By ensuring PC’s have the latest patches, it keeps them from falling prey to exploitative code that can compromise a PC or server and therefore network security, data integrity etc. This system helps keep system down time and minor annoyances to a minimum. Other features include:

  • Computer inventory and auditing,
  • Network monitoring and alerts (backup status, drive free space, antivirus definitions updates, etc),
  • Help desk and trouble ticketing,
  • Comprehensive reporting,
  • Network Policy Enforcement

All with maximum security. It’s as much a “must-have” for PC’s as anti-lock brakes have become for cars. There was a time when it was considered an expensive option; now it’s standard practice for so many obvious reasons.

Computer Training

Ideal Technology Solutions provides extensive training for a wide variety of hardware and software used in everyday tasks. Here are some areas for which we provide training:

  • Internet access, shortcuts, general computer usage best practices
  • Virus protection and internet security awareness
  • Managing file systems
  • Customizing desktop and menu layouts
  • Hard drive maintenance
  • Data backup and disaster prevention
Computer & Application Training

Network Support

Network Networks are a vital part of any business’s data flow and productivity. They can also be a point of frustration when they are unreliable and/or when they aren’t set up and maintained properly. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your network reliable?
  • Is your data secure?
  • Is your network technology out of date?
  • Are you looking at new technologies like wireless?
Ideal Technology Solutions has the experience and know-how to handle all your networking needs. Let us help make your network a dependable resource you can rely on. Call us to talk about how we can help you with your networking needs. Please take a moment to fill out your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular topic these days, with a slew of companies promising results to help increase web site exposure and search engine hits.

Our advice is to exercise caution before engaging some of these “professionals”, many of whom are often regrettably little more than snake oil salesmen. Some of the “tools” or services which may effect your site rankings, but many are only superficial utilities designed to create income for the “service provider” while only nominally improving your site.

Search Engine Optimization

While there are a lot of complex factors that can affect how your web site ranks with search engines, there are some simple steps you can take that can cost little or nothing, but make quite a difference to how your site ranks.

The first thing is to have a site map. This is the primary document by which search engines index your site. This page is a simple HTML page that contains links to every page on your web site. This page, once submitted to search engines, will be regularly revisited for subsequent re-indexing of your site.

Another significant element is to have links from other web sites than yours.

A great way to achieve this is to work with your existing vendors and clients to request links to your site from theirs, in return for posting a reciprocal link on your site to theirs.

Simple links are enhanced when the link contains a brief description of products and services that correspond to the key words for which you wish your site to be optimized.

Another important factor is content. The more content your site has, the more there is to index. So add as many pages as you can to your web site with content relevant to your business. That includes everything from helpful hints, additional resources, in depth information about products and services, etc. Make sure each page you create is readily accessible from your navigation menu and that there is a link to it on your site map.

Contact us if you’d like help to improve your web site’s ranking and visibility
Free Resources:
Below are some free resources which you may find useful when working with your web site:
– an article on search engine ranking factors
Website Grader – a free tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website
Search Engine Land – a site that discusses trends in search engine technology and more
Search Engine Watch – another resource for SEO
Search Engine Roundtable – another worthy SEO resource
Viruses, Spam, Malware, and other security threats.
The threat of viruses, internet worms, phishing, keyloggers, spyware, and other malware is immense and prominent to anyone that uses a computer and has access to the internet and e-mail. Though it’s unusual for viruses to destroy all of your data, the consequences of an infestation can often be quite severe. These include identity theft, being blacklisted for sending SPAM, data corruption, system down time, and more. They can be very time-consuming and expensive to remove; especially when you factor in the cost of lost work time and the frustration of passing problems on to your clients and friends. The increasingly sophisticated threats propagating on the internet make it vital to have professional protection.
Don’t even get started on all that annoying spam. We can help with virus and spam protection. We provide advice in preventing attacks and problems using existing software and equipment.
Ideal Technology Solutions can help you and your company make the best decisions for which computer technologies best fit your needs and requirements. This includes anything from computers, laptops, mobile devices, routers, firewalls, and servers. Not to mention all the software and expertise to install and get it working properly. Computer technology is what we do. Let us help you find your Ideal Technology Solution.We’ll get it right the first time! Technology Consulting
Whether you want to add new data/voice circuits to your existing building or wire a new office complex, Ideal Technology Solutions can help. Typically, we run plenum rated CAT6 cables for data and CAT5 for voice.

  • A typical “drop” includes cable, termination, wall jacks, labeling and testing.
  • We pride ourselves on neatly organized cables, properly printed and accurate labeling leaving no mess behind.
  • Our smallest job: a single data line.
  • Our largest job: over 22 miles of voice and data cables in a multi-floor office building in Durham, NC.
  • In addition to voice and data cabling, we also run CATV and control cables of various kinds depending upon the application.

Call today for a highly competitive quote.

Voice & Data Cabling
Ideal Technology Solutions recommends computer and server preventative maintenance for all our customers to handle problems before they start. This can include:

  • Installation of the latest drivers, service packs, and bug fixes to keep your machine running at the latest release levels. This has become of critical importance as there have been significantly increased vulnerability attacks which install spyware and viruses.  This is a process we can automate and monitor using our Virtual Server Administrator software.
  • Application, internet, and temporary file cleanup the system is no longer using.
  • Hard drive clean up and defragmentation for smoother drive use and efficiency
  • Physical cleaning hardware of dust and dirt that builds up on fans and surfaces causing your machine’s fans to work harder than necessary which may lead to hardware failures.
Preventive Maintenance
On Site Repairs
Ideal Technology Solutions provides on site repair and support for network and computer equipment installations. This can include:

  • Replacement and repair of failed computer and network equipment
  • New equipment installation
  • Network upgrades
  • Server replacement and migrations
  • Upgrades of memory, hard drives, optical drives, and other hardware
  • Firewall, router, switch, and network card replacement
  • Data transfers from old systems and servers to new equipment
  • Virus, Spyware, Adware, and Malware detection and removal



On Site Repairs


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