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Managed Services and Remote Administration

Several years ago, we invested in leading edge software for IT Managed Services. This has proved to be a fantastic tool to help maintain our clients’ networks. For participating clients, we’re able to respond quickly to minor incidents without needing to make a site visit or struggle blindly on a phone support call. We simply remote in to the user’s PC or server and troubleshoot issues. The user can view our efforts as we resolve the problem, or they can go off and get a coffee. This saves valuable time commuting to site and minimize site visit charges. The client gets their issue resolved quickly without having to wait to schedule a site visit. Everyone’s happy.But the system can do much more. We can deploy network wide software updates without going around to each PC. Comprehensive scripting enables automation of almost any software package deployment or update. Remote Administration & Monitoring: Managed IT Services.
But there’s more! We can use the Patch Management function to automatically deploy all the latest patches and updates to workstations and servers, controlling the reboot process; avoiding the need for workstation users to have administrative access. By ensuring PC’s have the latest patches, it keeps them from falling prey to exploitative code that can compromise a PC or server and therefore network security, data integrity etc. This system helps keep system down time and minor annoyances to a minimum. Other features include:

  • computer inventory and auditing,
  • network monitoring and alerts (backup status, drive free space, antivirus definitions updates, etc),
  • help desk and trouble ticketing,
  • comprehensive reporting,
  • Network Policy Enforcement

All with maximum security. It’s as much a “must-have” for PC’s as anti-lock brakes have become for cars. There was a time when it was considered an expensive option; now it’s standard practice for so many obvious reasons.