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Server and Workstation Virtualization – Quick View

This may be a difficult concept to visualize. Essentially, it is a method of taking a  physical server or workstation, and turning it into a virtual machine that operates inside a larger, managed hardware environment. Virtual machines are not dependent on hardware to the same extent as it was on a physical computer. Each virtual machine still has the appearance and functionality of the original computer in every way just as if it were still on the original hardware. Users on the network will not be able to see any difference.
Once a server has been virtualized, its existence is now equivalent to just a file that can be relocated to almost any piece of hardware.  So if your host machine has a hardware failure, you can simply move your virtual machines to another host and users will not be the wiser; except for the small amount of down time needed to bring the virtual machines up on an alternate host. Click here to learn more about virtualization.


Wireless Networking Solutions

Everyone wants a wireless solution these days. They provide great flexibility so you don’t have to be stuck at a desk to operate your PC and access the internet. They can be easy to hook up; most consumer products work straight out of the box without any configuration. You just plug ’em in and away you go. Unfortunately, many users either don’t know or don’t care that they may have setup a public wireless network with no security that anyone can log onto and use. These users take up your precious bandwidth and may be doing unsavory things on your network.

Without security measures in place, an unscrupulous, curious or malicious freeloader could have access to private and/or valuable data on your network. Wireless networks represent an immense threat to data security compared to wired networks. Someone wishing illicit access no longer needs to be on your premises, just in reasonable proximity. All your valuable data is beaming around the neighborhood. While the threat to many businesses and homes is relatively small; someone usually has a reason to expend the effort to try to access your system, but efforts should be made to minimize the opportunity. There are various, relatively simple steps that provide a reasonable degree of security for wireless networks.

Wireless - AND secure?
As for your office, creating a seamless wireless network for users to move about your building is not just a matter of putting up some wireless access points; especially if your office is quite large. Let us show you how to create a professional and secure wireless network.
 Paperless Solutions

Are you tired of dealing with mountains of paper files?

In reality, the concept of a truly paperless office may still be some time away, but there are many ways of electronically filing your data for paper usage reduction.

The explosion of unstructured data is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. The quantities of documents, images, email, web content, audio, and video are all growing at an astonishing rate. Within many companies, unstructured data currently accounts for the majority of a company’s overall data.

Don’t let your data manage you. Let us help you with customized document management, data scanning, and storage systems to bring order to the chaos. It can be a lot more affordable than you may have realized!

Benefits of document management include:

  • Cost savings from a reduction in the time required to find content
  • Reduction in document creation costs
  • Reduction if not elimination of “forgotten data”
  • Elimination of duplications
  • Reductions in the load on secondary systems such as backup, storage space etc.
  • A better, more organized system
ITS has extensive experience implementing and administrating remote access frastructures for companies with users that need to be able to access applications and/or data remotely. ITS can help your company evaluate and implement the solution that best fits your company’s needs. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
VPN’s allow users to connect to your network either via the internet in a secure fashion.Terminal Services / Citrix
A Terminal Server or Citrix XenApp server can provide remote access for users with performance coming close to operating in a computer within the office, even over relatively slow internet connections. The server on-site does all the “heavy lifting” and sends video to the user’s remote computer. The user controls the remote desktop as if they were working on their own computer.
Remote Access Services
Here are some technologies we use:

SonicWALL’s VPN solutions enable users to securely connect remotely to your company’s network. Their predictable performance and resiliency enable you to protect your network and maintain a consistent level of security as your company grows.

Microsoft Windows Terminal Server

Microsoft Windows Terminal Server
Terminal Servers allows PCs to operate in a server-based computing environment with all client application execution, data processing, and data storage to occur on the remote server. Application interactions, keyboard and mouse inputs are transmitted over the network and displayed via the Remote Desktop Client. Each user that logs on will only see their individual session. This is managed transparently by the server’s operating system and is independent of any other client session.

Citrix XenApp Servers

Citrix XenApp Server
Citrix embraces and extends what Microsoft’s Terminal Server offers by providing a more robust client, better printing support, superior web and application publishing, more secure encryption and security, along with a more efficient network protocol among many other features.

Who needs to be concerned about network security? Anyone who has valuable data that is shared by more than one user on more than one computer. Everyone agrees that valuable resources should be kept under tight security. Your company’s data is its lifeblood and has value far beyond what most people realize. A major facet of what we do at ITS is to help secure your company’s business and financial data from both internal and external security risks. We help identify potential problem areas and recommend solutions to bring your company’s level of protection to the most secure level possible. These can include:

  • Firewall Implementation
  • Anti-virus and Proxy Server
  • Remote Monitoring and Logging
  • Security Auditing and Testing
Network Security

Network Design and Implementation

Network design Networking is the center of every company’s computer system.Networks are used to store and provide secure access to files, print to networked printers, send and receive e-mails, and access the internet. Network design covers many aspects, the simplest being your Local Area Network (LAN) which includes cables, routers, firewalls, switches, server(s) and other shared resources. Your LAN can connect to Wide Area Networks (WAN) such as remote offices and the Internet. Remote Access Services and Virtual Private Networks (RAS/VPN) provide the ability to work from home and other remote locations. Firewalls and routers complete and secure your network so that only those who should have access to it.ITS has the extensive expertise and experience to keep all your computers and their users running happily, productively and securely with minimum down time and problems.
LAN and WAN Design
ITS can plan and implement both new and existing LAN and WAN installations. We help evaluate current systems for possible problems and network slow downs. We troubleshoot segments and equipment for networking errors and test for faulty cabling.RAS and VPNITS can install VPN/RAS equipment so users can connect from remote locations. We provide documentation and site visits to help simplify the connection process.Internet and Firewall Design
Regrettably, internet access isn’t just plugging your network into a box and away you go, but that’s where many service providers who sell access to the internet leave you hanging. You might be exposed to any moderately skilled hacker on the planet and not even know it. ITS connects your network to the internet securelyusing tried and true methods and technologies that your company can depend upon; so you can sleep at night.Performance and Upgrades
As your company and technologies change, so does your company’s needs. Whether it’s more hub space, wireless, or a faster network; we are here to make it happen.

Data Backup, Recovery and Disaster Prevention

Vault door Whether you’re a home user or business user on a multi-server network, the most valuable and critical asset is the data on that system. All too frequently, that data is not adequately protected by a robust backup system. Data loss can be catastrophic. The National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, DC reports that 93% of companies that lose their data center for 10 days or more due to disaster, filed for bankruptcy within one year. 30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year, 70% fail within five years.
It is vital to protect your valuable data with a reliable back up system. And it needs to be fast, easy, and automated. We strive to provide backup solutions with minimal end user responsibilities.


There are many ways to effectively backup your data. One solution that seems ideal for one client may be totally inappropriate for another; there are a lot of factors to consider. Some of these include:

  • The amount of data needed to be backed up
  • Cost considerations – both initial purchases and on-going media/equipment replacement
  • Location (susceptibility to flood, theft, vandalism)
  • Trust factor – do you feel safe with your data on some remote organization’s server or “cloud”?
  • How often data changes
  • Estimated cost for down time if recovery is needed
  • Personal / staff involvement and discipline: changing media, taking off site, etc.
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability of hardware and media being used; suitability to client style
  • Time required to perform backups in conjunction with other automated system functions

More Info:

Click on the links below for more details on specific back up topics :

Data only vs. full system imaging – what’s it worth to get the whole system, not just the data?
Back up problems – be aware of what they are, how to avoid them


Let us help you find the best solution for whatever your IT needs may be. You dream it; we make it happen.

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