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Remote Access

Remote Access

ITS has extensive experience implementing and administrating Remote Access infrastructures for companies with users that need to be able to access applications and/or data remotely. ITS can help your company evaluate and implement the solution that best fits your company’s needs.Virtual Private Network (VPN)
VPN’s allow a user to connect to your network either via a modem or the Internet in a secure fashion.Terminal Services / Citrix
A Terminal Server or Citrix server can provide remote access for users with performance coming close to operating in the office on the LAN, even over relatively slow Internet connections. The server on site does all the “heavy lifting” and just sends video to the user’s remote PC and receives keyboard/mouse instructions.
Remote Access Services
Here are some technologies we use:

SonicWALL’s VPN solutions enable users to securely connect remotely to your company’s network. Their predictable performance and resiliency enable you to protect your network and maintain a consistent level of security as your company grows.

Microsoft Terminal Server

Microsoft Windows Terminal Server
Terminal Servers allows PCs to operate in a server-based computing environment with all client application execution, data processing, and data storage to occur on the remote server. Application interactions, keyboard and mouse inputs are transmitted over the network and displayed via the Remote Desktop Client. Each user that logs on will only see their individual session. This is managed transparently by the server’s operating system and is independent of any other client session.

Citrix XenApp Servers

Citrix XenApp Server
Citrix embraces and extends what Microsoft’s Terminal Server offers by providing a more robust client, better printing support, superior web and application publishing, more secure encryption and security, along with a more efficient network protocol among many other features.