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Everyone wants a wireless solution these days. They provide great flexibility so you don’t have to be stuck at a desk to operate your PC and access the internet. They can be easy to hook up; most consumer products work straight out of the box without any configuration. You just plug ’em in and away you go. Unfortunately, many users either don’t know or don’t care that they may have setup a public wireless network with no security that anyone can log onto and use. These users take up your precious bandwidth and may be doing unsavory things on your network.

Without security measures in place, an unscrupulous, curious or malicious freeloader could have access to private and/or valuable data on your network. Wireless networks represent an immense threat to data security compared to wired networks. Someone wishing illicit access no longer needs to be on your premises, just in reasonable proximity. All your valuable data is beaming around the neighborhood. While the threat to many businesses and homes is relatively small; someone usually has a reason to expend the effort to try to access your system, but efforts should be made to minimize the opportunity. There are various, relatively simple steps that provide a reasonable degree of security for wireless networks.

Wireless - AND secure?
 And for your office, creating a seamless wireless network for users to move about your building is not just a matter of putting up some wireless access points (WAP’s) – especially if your office is quite large.  Let ITS show you how to create a professional and secure wireless network.