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Ideal Technology Solutions offers a number of support options depending on client needs. We specialize in personal, on-site support; but also have sophisticated software for remote support capabilities.Remote support can be very helpful for simple issues where a user’s computer is still functional.  By invitation, we can gain remote control of the PC and resolve your issues.  This helps for a faster resolution.That same remote access software has some other highly sophisticated capabilities. These include the ability to remotely monitor servers and computers for errors and failures, provide pre-emptive alarms and warnings before failures, as well as keep systems up-to-date with the latest security patches and fixes.

Call our toll free support number to find out how we can support your systems at 1-877-IDEAL-TS (1-877-433-2587).

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For questions or comments please use the Contact Us section of our Web site for information that will help you get in touch with us.

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