RokStories Why ITS


Why choose Ideal Technology Solutions, Inc. as your IT consultant?

1 Personalized, “Old Fashioned” Service
For some, “service” is a concept of their forefathers. We believe in treating people as we would want to be treated: honesly, fairly, friendly, and in a personable manner. What goes around comes around!

2. One-Stop Computing Solutions.
Come to us first with everything and anything related to computers. Be that servers, networks, PC’s, laptops, voice and data wiring, web sites etc. If it’s not within our specific area of expertise, we either partner with someone who can help, or are able to make recommendations on someone who can.

3. Simple Language.
We don’t try to confuse our clients with “geek speak” or other gibberish (unless our geek-ness inadvertently gets the better of us). We try to explain things in terms that most people can understand.

4. Experience & Expertise.
We have been in business in the Triangle area since 1996. We’ve been through a lot since then and kept pace with rapidly changing technology. You won’t be trusting one of your most critical business tools to someone fresh out of one of those three-months-and-you’re-an-IT-expert courses like you hear advertised on the radio. Like with most professions, you just can’t beat years of experience.

5. Customers Say.
Coming soon: video testimonials from clients.